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International Dance Day 29th of April: Andy Wright

Dans i Nord welcomes Andy Wright to Sweden!

In Swedish

During the Coronapandemic lock-down in London ( the period 2020-2022) Andy Wright together with Ryan Molloy created the album Where Missouri Breaks.

The Piteå and Norrbotten audiences will, in connection with Ryan Molloy’s guest performance in Sweden during International Dance Day (link in Swedish), be the first in the world to hear some of the songs.

The songs in Where Missouri Breaks are inspired by the place where the Mississippi and Missouri rivers meet and how fate can bring people together and influence their destinies and lifes, which we ourselves could not foresee.

Andy Wright

Andy Wright is a London-based music producer, songwriter and arranger who is collaborating with Ryan Molloy, and artists such as Simply Red and Mick Hucknall, Simple Minds, Jeff Beck, Eurythmics, Massive Attack, Atomic Kitten, Luciano Pavarotti and more.

He caught his first break in the 1980s, right after finishing university, working as a musician/keyboard player, and setting up his studio in London.

During the 1990s Andy began his long collaboration with Simply Red and created a unique sound, also with Dave Stewart, Annie Lennox and Eurythmics from 1999. Ryan Molloy Big in Japantour and more.

In the 2000s, the collaboration with guitar legend Jeff Beck began, where Andy created a ground-breaking sound, likewise with Simple Minds.

Andy’s music career spans several decades and genres, where his productions have been a great success for both the audiences and the critics alike.

Photo: Danny Clifford