International Dance Day 29th of April: Amanda Lindgren Clarin

In Swedish

The New Dream Orchestra, with Amanda Lindgren Clarin, together with musical star Ryan Molloy, musician and producer Andy Wright, as well as musician, arranger and conductor Danny Barley from England, offer the audience an energetic show.

Amanda Lindgren Clarin

Amanda Lindgren Clarin is a trumpet player and singer in Luleå Storband. She also plays in smaller jazz groups such as duos and quartets.

Amanda also plays the flute and sings Irish folk music in Molly Maguire, Hardly still fresh and young and Connemara.

Although jazz and Irish folk music have a very special place in her heart, she likes musical diversity and playing and singing in different genres.

Amanda is a trained music teacher at the School of Music in Piteå. She was born and raised in Jokkmokk.

Photo: Anders Clarin